Enzo Pettinelli

Enzo Pettinelli at 8 years old begins to play ping-pong in the parish church of San Martino, in Senigallia. When playing double matches with his twin brother Giovanni as a partner, they are invincible. Enzo, like all children, plays football, volleyball, swims, skates. In skating he is 4th at the National Championship. When he is elder he dedicates himself to ping-pong, right up to the National championship of B division. Then he feels that ping-pong can be played in a different way. He is fascinated by the musicality of the rhythm and by the beauty of the technical gesture. He leaves the agonistic activity and dedicates his time teaching this Sport. Three young lyceum students follow him: one of them, Domenico Ubaldi, will become later the President of “Tennistavolo Senigallia”, a club founded by them in 1959 and in 2010 rewarded by the CONI with the Gold Star for Sports merit.

The first Italian titles arrive. For the 100th anniversary of the reunification of Italy, two youngsters of Pettinelli’s school are called to join the national team at the International exhibition in Tourin in 1961. After this event the parish priest of San Martino, Father Giuliano Grassi, covers the courtyard and creates a little gymnasium. A sales representative of sport equipment, Neri Ravini, accidentally sees the gymnasium, he gets touched by seeing so many little children around just one “rickety” table, and gives 3 bright new tables as a gift.

The game, based on aesthetic beauty and on musicality, gives more incentive and new Italian titles. A sponsor, Otello Montesi, gives economic help, without asking nothing back. The results come and bring the Club at the first place in Italy. The school, already opened, opens further, and receives players from all Italy. Including players that play or have played against each other .

Pettinelli will be many times the Italian National team’s coach, coach of the Republic of San Marino. Honorary Member of the Republic of Malta, for the given collaboration.

Among his pupils we remember: Costantini, record of presence with the National team; Moretti, Cardinali and Ricci that will be many times at the World Championship, European Championship and at the Mediterranean Games. The work and passion of this “Great Teacher” for ping-pong, has inspired the film director Claudio Colombo that has realized a feature film, Shot, already winner at two festivals, dedicated to him. Among the actors we remember Enrico Beruschi, that has skilfully interpreted Enzo Pettinelli’s part.