Sabrina Moretti

Born in Ancona on the 17th of August 1968. She now lives in senigallia.

She started playing at the age of 13. She stands out for her modern game. She enters in the young national, then in the absolute one. She becomes Italian team game champion.

She made the whole world’s rules code change about the sports wear, and it’s now possible to play with a body suit.

Agonistic Activity

1983 Young European Championships in Austria
1984 Young European Championships in Holland
1985 Young European Championships in Belgium
1987 Absolute World Championships in India
1989 Australian Open
1990 American Open
1991 Absolute World Championships in Japan
1992 Mediterranean Games in Greece
1986 She starts the agonistic activity in the A category with "CUS Milano"
1988 She wins her first team national title with "Arena Verona"
1995 Bronze Medal in Absolute National Championships
1995 Guest in the "LADY CUP" Tournament in Stoccarda, Germany – 8th place

She carries on the activity as trainer since 1990, organizing winter and summer courses for adult and children, at the Tabletennis Olimpic Centre of Senigallia. Since 1995 she tries to change the FiTeT rules that impose the use of t-shirt and shorts and/or skirt, introducing also the use of the body suit. For this reason she took part in different tv programs, from television news (RAI 1, RAI 2 RAI 3, Canale 5 and other private channels) to Costanzo Show. More than 100 articles have been published in the more important Italian newspapers.

Body Story

In May 1994, while I was watching athletic competitions on T.V. I had the idea to wear a body like that used by Carl Lewis. No sooner said than done, the day after I bought a total black body, oversleeve, and in spite of the laugh and the bewilderment of my friends I had a great training. So I decided to wear it during the official events. What is the reason why my training resulted so successful? Because this type of wearing allowed me to perform movements without the obstacle of clothes, so I felt completely free. In fact, in this sport you often hit the ball close to the body and clothes, sometimes bathed in sweet, are a nuisance. In June, 1995, during the Italian Championships in Genoa, I went to the table tennis court wearing a short sleeve red body but the referee told me: "Mrs Moretti you cannot play dressed in this way; either you change or you will have the game lost." Surprised by the vexed reaction of the referee I changed my body and I wore a volley-ball uniform; but it has been worse because they sent me away from the table tennis court. However the regulation doesn't forbid to wear body or something else. After this game they have considered me like a New Griffith of the table tennis and like a person who wants just to become popular at any cost. On the contrary, in the Federation nobody wondered if there could be any technical reason for this new wearing. There is a false moralism hidden under the rules that impose t-shirt, shorts or skirt. I think that it is time to renew this sport introducing some changes, so why don't start with clothes? If you are not bored I will tell you the second part of this story. In August 1st, 1995 more than 40 newspapers published an article on this subject and I have participated in some telecasts. A month later, after so much outcry, I received a letter from Stefano Bosi, the Federation Chairman, in which he asserted that he would have studied this problem and tryed to modify the International regulation. Six months has elapsed from that date and I haven't received any news either from the Chairman or the Federation. Therefore I designed with my mother, who is tailoress, a model which allowed me to play wearing the body. In fact, in April 1996, during the Top 12 in Pescara, I wore shorts and t-shirt made of transparent silk over the body. Referees, surprised by my new clothes, didn't object and I could play without any problem. That's incredible, isn't it? But the story is not finished yet. In fact the Federation didn't take in consideration this event so I decided to try a more transparent uniform. For this reason my mother sewed a t-shirt and a pair of shorts made of fishing-net. Fishing nets are not difficult to find in Senigallia, which is a sea-town, but it is not so much easy to sew them, so my mother had to sew it using a fishing-needle. In June, during the last Italian Championships, in Naples, I wore this new uniform; after a short consultation among referees, they considered it regular. At this point I decided to censure myself playing the first ten points of the first game wearing, like Islamic women, a veil, but made of fishing-net. My behaviour caused a great outcry at the Palasport and I was really surprised to see how many photographers, journalists and curious persons come to see me. The consideration of the public opinion and the support of Press and Television have been a great success for me. Finally, at Bozen, during the last Italian Open, I played again with the body covered by the fishing-net shorts and t-shirt. This time I had the permission of an English referee. I considered it like a step ahead. Moreover, during this tournament, I promoted the idea to play in a table with no white lines. Now I ask the Italian Federation to embrace my cause in order to permit a positive renewal of the regulation. Someone could think I am an exhibitionist and you are free to do it, but, how many sports do you know where a women is worn like a man? Few sports and, among them, table tennis. What is wrong in wearing woman's clothes? However, I know that it takes time to change rules, because people are often attacked to old ideas and it is difficult to modify their habits and prejudices. But anyway, try to think about the changements that have been done in the last 30 years. Tennis, athletics, swimming and so on, have all modified their sportwearing; so I think it is time table tennis also do it. I know that considering the problems of the world someone could smile reading this article, but I believe that also a small battle like this, in every field, can render man stronger.