Luigi Manoni

He was born on the 13^th December in 1954 in Senigallia. Manoni had moved to Milan with his family and started to play ping-pong at the age of 12 in a parish, in order to be able to attend the gym “il Vigorelli” where, later on, he won the Italian Cup.

As soon as he had come back to Senigallia in 1974, he signed up in the club there and immediately became a reference point by making an indispensable contribution to the victory of two championship titles and an Italian Cup. He was Italy´s champion in mixed and men´s doubles, and he wore the blue uniform at the European championships in Novi Sad 1974, in Duisburg 1978 and Bern 1980. In the course of his long career he also won the veteran´s championships (men´s doubles and two times team games), he participated in five encounters between Italy and China and he was backup at the world championships in 1977. Manoni is still active today and collaborates with the Olympic center in Senigallia.

Competitive Results

1973 Italian Title Double Male II Category with Bertoncello Mauro (Regaldi Novara).
1973 Italian Cup (Pellizzola, Nespoli, Maietti, Manoni).
1975 Single Male International Adriatic Trophy.
1975 Teams International Trophy of the Adriatic with Simoncioni Stefano.
1977 Scudetto (Manoni, Costantini, Appolloni).
1977 Italian Cup (Manoni, Costantini, Crivellini, Rognoli).
1977 Absolute Double Male Italian Title with Costantini Massimo.
1977 Single Male International Tournament of Bordighera.
1978 2nd place at the Italian Single Male Absolute Championships.
1979 Scudetto (Manoni, Costantini, Simoncioni, Appolloni).
1980 Absolute Italian Mixed Double Title with Bevilacqua Paola (Milano).
1981 3rd place at the Italian Single Male Absolute Championships.
2006 Male Team Championship Over 50.
2006 Italian Double Male Title Over 50 with Macerata Enrico.
2009 Veterans Male Team Championship.
2014 Italian Double Male Title Over 60 with Maietti Flavio.