Towards the Unknown... and the Return

Anyone who has ever played table tennis can sense that the game is so much more than just hitting a ball with a paddle. Mr. Pettinelli beautifully guides us on a deep dive into the nebulous ocean of the sport, his unique insight shining a beacon on the many factors that dwell hidden beneath the surface. I think "Towards The Unknown" is so complex - it's like buying a ticket to an amusement park. Yes, there is a theme, but there are so many different rides and interactions. There are several rides only dedicated to table tennis, booths dedicated to life, and then there are thoughtful, slow indistinguishable rides that linger in my mind and make me realize that I cannot yet fully grasp the richness of thought. Perhaps it is because he is a dyslexic writer, and has had to experience the world in a different way, that he is able to observe from such a fresh and composite perspective. I've enjoyed many of his other books - "Quaderni di tennistavolo", "The Mystery Of The Lost Racket", and "Boys Look At The Stars." He is an invaluable asset to the table tennis world and my treasured mentor. I hope you enjoy your journey of discovery "Towards The Unknown"!

Author: Enzo Pettinelli
Translator: Denise Pozzi
Consultant: Nicola Falappa
Illustrations: Marco Pozzi and Gennaro Campanile
Year: 2017
Price: 0.99€


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