The Mistery of the Lost Racket - Ping-Pong

“...your body is unique. Like your mind. The same will be for your game, if you will try to be yourself. And if you will be yourself, the opponent won't be able to know your game”. I think this is the message of Enzo Pettinelli's small book “The mystery of the lost racket”.
Here sport becomes the philosophy of life where the style of the game is in harmony with the effort to find ones own identity that is genuine and unique.
To become a ping-pong champion you don't need a magic racket, but the constant and generous engagement that is fatigue and at the same time irresistible passion. To become ourselves as a unique and authentic person and give sense to our life, there is no short cut, but the constant daily effort that is with us, gives a reason to develop our nature in its genuine vitality.
Writing a book means the desire to send a message. It's worthwhile that parents and teachers in general take advantage of this instrument to start a dialogue with the young that begin to open their lives to give them an alternative way of thinking and being, both in sport and life.

Author: Enzo Pettinelli
Translator: Sandra Boschetti
Coordinator: Lucia Russo
Illustrations: Casa Editrice Tresei
Year: 2011
Price: 0.99€


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