Our organization was established in 1955 and since then it has allowed to practice both social and competitive table tennis. It follows the principles of the European Chart of Sport (Rodi 1992) and for this reason it turns to youth, adults and seniors with no discrimination based on sex, race, religion or position. Main goals of the organization are integration, socialization, education, physical activities, competitive sport activities, promotion of diversity, tolerance and respect, critical thinking and initiative spirit of youth, prevention of violent radicalization. Fulfilling all the standard criteria, we have been certified by the National Community Service, by the Italian Olympic Committee, by the University of Urbino and by the Social promotion.

Our organization carries out differential activities for 120 members from 8 to 78 years old, of which, 50% is under the age of 18, males and females, nodified and physically and mentally disabled, both Italian and foreign. In addition, we work closely with local schools of Senigallia (10-18 years old, about 200 students), with Social Service of the town hall, with different charities for special needs children, with the Italian table tennis federation. Part of the activities includes regional and national tournaments, training and teaching modules, recreational games and leisure activities.
Since 2016, we have been running a programme with the National Community Service (Servizio Civile Nazionale), having two people working in the Sport Centre which is totally dedicated to table tennis activities.

The organization is composed of 1 president, 4 coaches and 7 managers. In addition, 2 people working for their National Community Service.
People that are planning to get involved in SVE projects are the President, Domenico Ubaldi (Eng. and Sport Manager), the Head Coach (Maestro, highest qualification), a Senior Coach and to level 1 coaches, a doctor.

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