For the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.

Some children play. Their enjoyment is ping-pong. They don’t think what is Italy. For them it’s where they are born. They know there are different dialects, different economic conditions, the climate is different too. But in their hearts it’s just Italy.

They admire table-tennis players of other Countries. They are curious, they glance and they compare one another. Deep in their hearts they dream to dress the national team’s sweater, proud to be among the few that represent Italy. With peace and competitiveness. They see faces, ways, colours and the opponents’ flags. All is very exciting, they are happy to belong to a Nation, like all the others.


AUTHOR: Enzo Pettinelli
TRANSLATOR: Sandra Boschetti
CONSULTANT: Nicola Falappa
ILLUSTRATIONS: Enzo Pettinelli
YEAR: 2011

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